Fasteners Products

Pneumatic Nails

Fasteners Coils, Pneumatic Nails heads. We manufacture in three basic styles. Common, Sinkers and Box. The nails head is sinker and Commons have no waffling or coating generally. The 8 and 16d coated sinkers provide 95% of your needs in framing and sheathing in remodeling projects.

  • 20 Deg Plastic Coil
  • 15 Deg Wire Coil
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Framing Nails

Nails collated fasteners is usable nail gun that shoots screws in object. We make Box, Casing, Common, Dry Wall, Duplex, Joist Hanger, Masonry type od others products.

  • 20 to 22 Degree 2 1/4" & 2 1/2"
  • 20 to 22 Degree 2"
  • 34 Degree Strip Nails
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Coil Nailer Products

Coil Nailers manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Vadodara. We create 0 Deg Plastic Coil, 15 Deg Plastic Coil, 15 Deg Wire Coil, 20 Deg Plastic Coil etc products with high-class material.Fasteners Products supplier in Vadodara. The AKWire is manufacturer for Fasteners as pneumatic nails supplier, framing nails, pneumatic nailer gun supplier in usa.

  • Coil Nailer
  • Air Framing Nail Guns
  • Plastic Strip Nailer
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